The Epiphany of an Explorer (Book III in The Brothers of the Aristocracy)

Linda Rae

REGENCY:  Absentminded scientist Harold Tennison, Earl of Everly, is sent on a mission to find Dr. Jones, who hasn’t been heard from in months. Harry was headed to the Mykonos for an expedition of his own, so now his trip has two foci; to find the missing doctor and to study the plants and fauna of the area. When he arrives, he finds the doctor’s daughter, Stella, who is as beautiful as Aphrodite. She says her father disappeared when he began searching for the statue of Leto. The two of them begin searching for the errant doctor and realize there is magnetism between them that they cannot fight.


The backdrop of the story is beautifully written and one almost feels as though they too, are in the tropics. There is much detail in this work, so it is easy to imagine what the characters look like as well as what kind of attitudes they show. The story was slow in the beginning and took a while to gather speed and action. Some of the secondary characters, such as Stella’s uncle, were very flat. He served his purpose, but there was no depth to his character. This was a very unique story in that it included spies, pirates, the ton, and wrapped it all up as the story of a simple expedition of a Naturalist. This is the third book in a series, but works well as a stand-alone novel. Nicely done!


Belinda Wilson