Echoes of the Past (Fermosa Bay Book 1)


Conner Walsh has just returned to Fermosa Bay, Australia to be with his estranged father who is dying of cancer. Once there, his father reunites him with his childhood friends. One of them is Emily, who had a crush on Conner long ago and since has judged all males against him. Conner feels a real connection to Emily, but knows she won’t want to leave the island when he leaves. Emily feels that somehow they can make things work out if he’ll just stay on the island and make a life there. Conner is torn between his two worlds: New York City and Fermosa Bay. Which will win in the end?


There is a large cast of characters in this story, but each one of them is an individual with whom readers will fall in love. They each have their own characteristics and quirks that add their own bit of flavor to the tale. If one is longing for a holiday to an island, this is the book to read - one can hear the ocean calling and smell the salt sea in the morning. There is just the right amount of sexual tension between Emily and Conner and this will keep the reader riveted. This is a fast-paced book that is difficult to put down. Ms. Blobel is a talented writer who brings the reader into the book with her characters and makes the reader empathize with them as they are swept into situations beyond their control. 


Belinda Wilson