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WESTERN:  Kat Meriwether has returned home to Snowberry in Idaho Territory only to find that while it’s grown in size, it has remained as narrow minded as ever.

The Pirate’s Lady

When her betrothed is killed during a battle at sea, Cate Whitfield is determined to see that his pirate-captain murderer is brought to justice.

Adri Pyper is a wedding planner in Sun Valley, Idaho with a knack for two things: planning unique weddings and asking too many questions.

Write Me Home

After leaving town five years earlier, Ethan DeLuca returns to Havens Creek, a small town nestled in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

Camille Robineau has always been told her father was dead.  Imagine her shock when she learns that not only was that not true, but she also has a brother!