The Pirate’s Lady


When her betrothed is killed during a battle at sea, Cate Whitfield is determined to see that his pirate-captain murderer is brought to justice. Imagine her surprise when her father invites the man to stay in their home as an honored guest! Captain Alexander Chase claims to have given up his life as a pirate and insists he wasn’t involved in the death of her betrothed, though Cate isn’t convinced. Forced to spend time with him, she’s distressed to find herself attracted to the man she plans to prove guilty of murder. Alex has set his own plans in motion—plans for revenge against the man responsible for his father’s death and the unspeakable cruelties he and his younger brother endured among the blood thirsty pirates who kidnapped them the night of their father’s murder.


An entertaining, steamy read that’ll keep you guessing until the very end! The storyline was well structured with a nice, juicy plot. There were some glitches in the writing in the form of typos or missing words, as well as overused clichés. Cate’s immediate attraction to a man she suspects of murdering her beloved will make heads spin. The twist at the very end opens the door to a sequel, but it wasn’t much of a surprise and could have been handled better. However, the supporting characters add much to the plot, especially Cate’s cousin and confidante, Luella, her husband, and their brood of children. Ms. Hoos has crafted a quick, enjoyable, entertaining story that historical lovers can sink their teeth into.    

Clarice Silvers