Kat’s Law (The Sawtooth Range #1)

St. Claire

WESTERN:  Kat Meriwether has returned home to Snowberry in Idaho Territory only to find that while it’s grown in size, it has remained as narrow minded as ever. She spent years in Boston going to medical school, but neither old nor new neighbors are ready to trust that she’s a more knowledgeable doctor than her father. She has other options but her father has already made up a sign for their combined practice. After years as a Texas Ranger, Jonathan Winthrop left when a young girl died because of his mistake. Helping a father and son settle into their new ranch in Snowberry is just a stop on his wandering journey, but lawmen don’t retire and he can't help but see things are not right in Snowberry.


Set in a mining town just as Idaho is on the verge of becoming a state, "Kat's Law" is a wonderful example of modern values clashing with old fashioned ones. What makes this book unique is that the modern values are those of 1888! Having an educated, “modern” woman return to a place that has no indoor plumbing gives readers a deeper look at the differences between East Coast and West Coast back then. Readers may have read stories set at that time in either of those places, but this book sets up a striking dichotomy by having Kat startled by medically outdated behavior and ideas of long-time friends. As is common in historicals, there are a few places of over-description, but unlike most, those are not the norm in this tale. Jonathan is a heartrending depiction of a man haunted—today’s PTSD—but unable to shake his basic moral fiber and calling to serve justice. Her pragmatism and his aching past are a perfect blend.


A wonderful book, and an auspicious start to The Sawtooth Range series!


Julie York