Proposals and Poison (A Wedding Planner Mystery #3)

Rachelle J.

Adri Pyper is a wedding planner in Sun Valley, Idaho with a knack for two things: planning unique weddings and asking too many questions. When one of her clients is murdered, Adri can’t help but think the cops suspect the wrong man. Between her and her assistant, Lorea, they’re neck deep in suspicions and potential suspects, as well as clients. Luke Stetson, the Harley-riding lawyer, is a friend with potential for more. He’s getting over the death of his wife and looking to the future. Luke is the perfect yang to Adri’s yin, keeping her grounded, and hopefully, safe. But can he stop her from asking the questions that will put her in danger?


This enjoyable whodunit is a typical cozy mystery, with the down-home girl playing amateur sleuth, to the distress of anyone who cares for her. The story is implausible in any world other than made for TV movies or this particular genre. As book three in a series, there were a few occurrences in previous storylines that were difficult to follow. The author’s attempts to fill in helped but there was a lot going on, so reading this series in order would benefit the reader. The repetitious description of how Luke affected Adri grew somewhat annoying but the reader got two budding relationships in the storyline for the price of one, and Adri and Lorea’s camaraderie is well scripted, as is their banter. Supporting characters added plenty of chuckles and entertainment to this easy and amusing read for all lovers of mysteries.  

Clarice Silvers