Wolf at the Door (Heritage Series, Book 2)


Camille Robineau has always been told her father was dead.  Imagine her shock when she learns that not only was that not true, but she also has a brother! Her first instinct is to go after the whole truth, which leads her to her father's compound and Jonah Lawson.  Jonah is a lone wolf - keeping to himself and hiding his past from the pack - until Camille appears at Valley View.   Sparks fly between the two, but Jonah feels unworthy of Cam when he learns that she is Cameron’s daughter. She refuses to stay away from him, hoping to convince him that she is indeed the one he needs.


This is not just another shifter story. It is a story of what happens when two worlds collide. The characters are all distinct and have their own flaws and virtues, thus giving them real depth. The world around them is aptly described and one can smell the forest as they race through it evading the hunters. Ms. Macadam beautifully writes a love story within a story of a family reuniting after a lifetime of being estranged. What is difficult about the story is that most of the names begin with the letter “C” making it difficult at times to keep track of characters. There are several loose ends that are never cleared up and the ending is abrupt. This is a fun, fast-paced novel that will keep one on the edge of their seat. 


Belinda Wilson