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Miss Felicity Cowan is companion to Mrs. Grayson. The old widow is crochety and hard to please, yet the two are close. Nearing spinsterhood with no prospects, Felicity clings to her deceased father’s business trying to make it a success. But when shipments go missing, Felicity storms to the dock to tell off the captain of the ship on which they were supposed to arrive.

Minnie’s brother’s initials are mysteriously found on a young woman’s hand when she appears on a dock thoroughly beaten and without her memory. Martin, the man who found her, brings the young woman to Minnie. Together, they work as a team to uncover her memories.

Jean-Marc has been offered his dream opportunity: a cooking show of his own on British television. The catch? He must find a partner, or the offer will be withdrawn. Unfortunately, Jean-Marc’s reputation precedes him, and no one wants to work with him. Livi Hanson lives in the United States, nannying for a wealthy family in order to support her sister’s college fees. But baking is her passion.

June Farthingale and her sisters are headed to London for her debut season when they meet Augustus MacLauren. Augustus, a Scottish general, catches June’s eye and she decides to test out the lessons she has learned from the Book of Love on him. When several town troublemakers seek to harm June, she and Augustus grow closer than either expected.

Sienna Wilder has landed her dream job—park ranger at Yellowstone National Park. The park is neutral territory in a world of territorial shifters whose demand for loyalty and allegiance can come at a high price. Sienna knows nothing of her roots except that she's not a normal shifter.