The Wizard of her Heart


PARANORMAL: Sydney is looking for a fresh start for her and her daughter and moving to Zen, Ohio, is it! In Zen she can continue building her soap business with her sister, while also working in her field at a local publishing house. What she isn’t expecting is that Zen isn’t your typical small town, in fact, some folks might say the town is downright magical. An awkward first encounter in town sends her mind racing, and she finds herself infuriated and confused when her fender bender disappears as quickly as it appeared. As luck would have it, both the fender bender and her new job bring her face to face with her new boss, Wyatt. Wyatt is a widowed father, who has a bit of magic up his sleeve, and he isn’t afraid to use it. His publishing company focuses entirely on the mysterious, something Sydney isn’t even sure she believes exists.

Readers looking for a sweet and cozy read, with a nice dose of whimsy, need look no farther. This is the book has just what they’re looking to find.  A smalltown romance is always a blast to read, but this one takes the usual trope a step further by adding magic to the mix. Love, magic… and big-foot? Who could possibly resist? Readers should be sure to keep an open mind, because the people of Zen, Ohio have some magical mayhem ready to let loose. Readers will be pleased to find a story heavy on laughs and strength, while still being a sweet story of second love for single parents.

Valerie Vicars