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Rosemary Fitzpatrick is at odds with her mother. Said parent wants her to have a season and find a suitable husband, while Rosemary is interested only in writing dime novels and supporting herself.

Incense & Peppermints

WOMEN'S FICTION:  It’s 1970 and Cindy Sweet is a nurse who has just joined the Army and is shipping out to Vietnam. She is ill-prepared for the sights she will see and the heartbreak she will experience during her tour of duty.

Natalie has experienced a lot of loss in her life. She lost her young son Matty three years ago in a tragic accident. Now the grandmother who raised her has passed away.

Souls (Grimnirs #2)

Cora is an immortal and she loves helping souls before they are reaped. Her parents have no idea about their daughter’s special “gift”. They think of her as a normal teenager, a girl who is a junior in high school. She has a boyfriend named Echo who is literally straight from Norse mythology.

HISTORICAL:  Princess Sophia is all but engaged to Prince Peter, future King of Russia. Before the engagement can be made official, however, Sophia needs to prove herself worthy of the position. She is awkward, unladylike, and rebellious; but she has some worthwhile skills that are proving to be handy. She’s a skilled archer and handles a blade like a pro.