Lying In Ruins


POST APOCALYPTIC:  Charity is a Bloodhound — someone who is paid to sniff out missing objects, people or information. Her latest job finds her in Pebble Creek to follow up on a potential lead. Soon after her arrival, Raiders come and a deadly fight breaks out. Suspecting that whoever ordered the raid may have a hand in her current case, Charity is hot on the trail.

Ruin is a part of Fate's Vultures — an unlikely family, fiercely loyal to each other and known for exacting their own ruthless brand of justice. The Vultures have a vested interest in the situation and it seems like the ‘Hound knows more than she is letting on. As their journey brings them face to face with those responsible, the duo will need every ounce of skill and a whole lot of luck to make it out alive.

In a future where violence is a way of life and survival is the name of the game, "Lying in Ruins" shows the reader a different, albeit familiar world. Splendidly written with an evocative and steamy undercurrent, readers will be impressed by this post-apocalyptic adventure. The first novel in the Fate's Vultures series features tight pacing and fabulously crafted characters. Reminiscent of an old western with a dystopian flair, the interpersonal relationships, brutal action and interesting subplots will have one racing through the pages! While readers are served almost too much blood and carnage, unfortunately they are not given a lot of romance. Be that as it may, Ms. Gray’s novel is an excellent opener to what promises to be a fantastic series.

Chantel Hardge