Soul Bound: The Warrior (Soul Bound Series Book 1)

Jas T.

DARK GOTHIC:  For five years, the ghost of his dead wife Laura has haunted Jace Camden. Between the nightmares and the visions of her while he is awake, Jace is on the verge of a breakdown. It does not help matters that Laura's family believes her death was not a suicide. Jace has been running from his own guilt and the condemnation of her family ever since. Finally settled in Houston, his best friends and new girlfriend have no idea about his past and Jace plans to keep it that way. However, when Laura's sister shows up and threatens to expose him, he has no choice but to open up to his friends and the woman he loves.

"Soul Bound: The Warrior" features dark secrets and dynamic supernatural encounters. The first book in the Soul Bound series, readers will experience Jace's struggle to free himself from his wife's grip. Written with a natural flow, the prose is one of the most engaging aspects of this narrative. The interactions between Jace and Laura are sufficiently creepy, so much so that the reader can almost feel her cold touch!

Ms. Ward's ability to spin a good yarn makes for a fascinating read. However, less telling and more showing could have improved the overall pacing. Even though Jace's future ostensibly hinges on his being a Soul Warrior, the history behind this fact may not feel cohesive to the reader. Regrettably, the book ends with an abrupt cliffhanger that is likely to leave one wanting. All things considered, this richly innovative narrative will have readers hungry for the next installment.

Chantel Hardge