Caught Looking


Ryan Walker has had a passion for baseball his entire life. He has been fortunate to have a great professional career. After a shocking scandal forces him to lay down his bat and glove, Ryan leaves Los Angeles for the sleepy town of West Lake, Minnesota. He is not looking for complications, but that changes when he meets and forms a fast friendship with his new neighbor, Frankie.

Frankie Vaughn is a freelance writer who is more comfortable penning how-to articles than attending high society parties in the Hamptons. When her beloved Aunt Beth passes away and leaves Frankie her house, she does not hesitate to pack her bags. She is stunned to discover the house is already occupied by three brothers named Miles, Travis and Carter. Deciding to keep their living arrangement a secret for the time being, Frankie wants the boys to stay for good. Ryan is willing to do whatever it takes to help Frankie make that happen, even if it means walking away.

A true gift for romance fans, this emotionally charged read will reach right into one's soul. With a cohesive plot, balanced characters and a heartfelt story line, it is clear that "Caught Looking" is a labor of love. Readers will appreciate the slow burn in this romance and the personal growth displayed. While Ryan changes significantly, he later regresses and gets into a volatile confrontation, which was slightly disappointing. Alternating between heartbreaking and hopeful, Ms. Holford's tale boasts stellar writing which showcases the ups and downs of a newly formed relationship. This sweet and satisfying story hits the spot!

Chantel Hardge