Pope Gregoire XVII has been kidnapped.  Time is running out, and a mysterious cadre known as the Sword is using the Pontiff as a pawn in an international struggle for power. Ayden Tanner of the entity League of Invisible Knights leads his elite team in an effort to find Pope Gregoire and free him.  Little does the team of three realize that there are layers and layers of intrigue and betrayal that they must wend their way through before they reach the truth.

“Incognito” is a spy thriller full of harrowing moments and intrigue. Unfortunately, this becomes one of its major problems.  This plot-driven narrative contains so much action and intrigue that the story becomes difficult to follow.  The characters are so undeveloped that the reader has little chance to form any attachment and therefore there is little tension and emotional investment into their possible fate.  The manuscript could also use a little more polishing as some of the dialogue is awkward and adds little to the plot.  

Mr. Talib’s strength is his ability to transport the reader to the exotic locales travelled to by the characters. His descriptive writing immerses the reader into the sights and sounds of Europe in a completely engrossing manner.  With a fresh writing style and an endless imagination, Mr. Talib has created an interesting contribution to the thriller genre!

Gwenellen Tarbet