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Alexa Manchester is following in her father’s footsteps to develop a new power source that will ensure available power for the masses.  A new power source called the Magpie is the culmination of his life’s work.  Things go wrong when Alexa reveals the Magpie to an eager public.  The fabled arch-villain Momo makes his move to steal the Magpie at her most triumphant moment but the heist doesn’t g

SCI-FI:  Jezebel James lives in a dystopian world where emotions and free thinking are strictly controlled by electronic implants.  No rebellion is tolerated.  On her way to becoming a brilliant scientist

PARANORMAL:  Grazi is caught between two worlds and doesn’t know where her allegiance lies.  Her heart however, knows with whom she belongs.  Desperate to reunite with her true love, Ronan, she must battl

COZY:  Amelia Moore founded the Moore Detective Agency because of her talent in solving missing person's cases.  She shares her passion with her employee and new husband Rick Bonito.  When Rick reveals hi

Missing Pieces

*Strong Caution*: This book contains scenes of abuse that readers might find difficult to read.