The Beltane Escape (The Two Realms Trilogy, #1)

Young Adult

HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  Fifteen-year old Lady Fenella is no stranger to responsibility. As Thanes of Thorbourn she spends her days mitigating disputes and avoiding conflict with rival clans. That is, until she is captured by an enemy clan leader to be married off to his son, Edward. After meeting Edward, Fenella thinks perhaps not all is lost. But when her cousin comes to visit and gets sucked into a wormhole, Fenella quickly discovers that her world is not as black and white as it may have appeared. She has nine days to navigate this fairy realm, find her cousin, discover the link between her and the Lady of the Lake, and get back to her own realm before a war breaks out. But with a blossoming relationship with Talfryn, and the powerful wizard Merlin working against her, will she be able to make it out in time? And does she truly want to?


Ms. Moon creates a magical world and a complex cast of characters that leap right off the page! Taking the reader on journey into another time, it is filled with magic, mythical creatures, and a new spin on a classic story. Fenella and Talfyrn are two teenagers on a mission to uncover mysteries of their past and determine a course for their future. The story flows beautifully, building in urgency to an action filled climax. With vibrant imagery, relatable characters and captivating dialogue, this is a book that cannot be put down once the reader picks it up!


Amelia Kitch