Lethal Web of Passion (The Greek Isles #5)


Eleanna Welsh was abandoned by her father, Marios, at a young age. Memories of her past come flooding back after her father dies and a lawyer contacts her about an inheritance. She is leery and shocked when the lawyer tells her of the inheritance - 50% ownership of a resort in Greece.  The only information she has came from her mother, who from her deathbed told Eleanna that they had fled Greece to live in London.


“Lethal Web of Passion” is part of the Greek Isles Series. Ms. Sefer writes of beautiful island scenery and how the protagonists will find the truth.  Eleanna and Stephanos are strongly written protagonists as justice seekers.  The story provides various twists to further tangle Eleanna up into Stephanos' life while figuring out who her father was. The story does have a definite mystery to solve in the various deaths that have touched these families. Eleanna is closed off emotionally to Stephanos, much as he is to her. Readers may find this hard to relate to since Eleanna’s backstory of why she is closed off doesn't unfold until late in the story. Stephanos' estranged background is not really explored to help one understand his character; thus, leaving the love story a little flat. The intrigue of how the deaths are connected provides insight into the characters emotional struggle. There are many twists and turns until the end, making it an intriguing read with a beautiful ending. 


Laura Dinsdale