Highland Archer


The story centers on Valent, who was abandoned at a young age at the keep of the Clan McLeod.  Valent works his way up into the laird’s guardsmen.  He looks to Ariana, the laird’s daughter, as his one true love but knows due to her nobility and the lack of status as an orphan in the guard that it can never be. The laird of Clan McLeod has fallen ill and soon his eldest son Donelle takes over.  Fate steps in when Clan McKenzie attacks the Clan McLeod’s keep.  A wicked realization is in the works when the laird of Clan McKenzie comes face to face with Valent, and neither can deny Valent's true identity. Steaphan, the laird of Clan McKenzie asks Valent to come over to the opposing clan lands.

Ms. McQueen transforms the northeastern Highlands into a captivating love story of how love can conquer some of our most personal struggles. The struggle for Valent throughout the story is his self-identity in this world.  It is written to the time period but that does not hinder how today’s readers can relate to his struggle.  Ms. McQueen writes of how the true character of a person outweighs that of the social class hierarchy, and the personal struggles of finding worth in our identity from relationships to one’s job. The story has plenty of raw emotions and how love can change a person for the better. The passion between them does not disappoint as one can see that love does overcome all in the Highlands!

Laura Dinsdale