The Fate of Her Dragon (Dragon Guards #10)


Alicia McKennon is losing her mind, or so she thinks. For the past several days, she finds herself drawn deep into the woods behind her village. A powerful magic is calling to her, along with a man she has never met. 

Drago “The Assassin” MacLendon is one of the most powerful and revered of the Dragon Guards. At least he was, until he was captured by a wizard a century ago and held captive deep in the earth. After a century of feeling nothing but pain, Drago is able to feel and hear Alicia. Believing that she is his mate, Drago reaches out through their bond and draws her to him. Will this young white witch be able to rescue him from his prison, or will they both find themselves victims of dark magic?

Ms. Mills delivers not only a story of love, but one demonstrating the unbreakable bonds of family. Alicia and Drago are both witty, intelligent and complex characters that grab and hold the reader’s attention from page one. Told in dual POV Ms. Mills builds the reader’s suspense, making them constantly guess at what will happen next, while allowing a deeper look into what drives the heroes of this story. By setting such high expectations, the climax and resolution of this story fall a little flat, making the ending feel rushed in comparison. The Dragon Guard world is filled with magic, combat, smart dialogue and undeniable chemistry; the reader will want to stay long after the last page. 

Amelia Kitch