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Connor Reeves is devoted to his Las Vegas newspaper business and is working hard to make it a success, as much to support his workers as for his own benefit.  He knows it’s a cutthroat world and rival newspaperman William Clayton is itching to take over his business.  Clayton’s daughter, Miranda, has longed for her father to give her a job at his Denver paper.

TIME TRAVEL:  Devastated to discover that his wife has had an affair and is filing for divorce, karate champion Lachlan Wallace is not expecting to have an enjoyable Christmas.  He agrees to look after hi

In recognition of services performed for the Crown, Olivia Davenport is appointed as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Helen.  Although she would much rather be training with the squires, Olivia is grateful for

As the youngest of three sons born to nobility, Konrad Von Wolfenberg was pledged to the priesthood. After he becomes disillusioned with the church and begins to question his faith in God altogether, Konrad sets out on a soul-searching journey. He takes a job on a pirate ship with his sole purpose the liberation of slaves being held as cargo.

CHICK-LIT:  It's a complete accident when Grace Mortimer tumbles off the catwalk and into the lap of a well-known celebrity, but her free-fall into the arms of Sam Montgomery immediately sparks his attention. Grace is flattered but also knows Sam is in a relationship with Hollywood darling Vanessa Hudson.