The Warm Up

Xio Axelrod
Megan Tusing, Greg Tremblay

CONTEMPORARY:  Constantine “Zim” Zimin is at the pinnacle of his career as a defenseman for his hockey team.  The only thing missing is family.  Suji is a pediatric nurse, also at the height of her career.  However, after being burned in a relationship she is unable to trust others. The two meet the way so many do: at a bar, where things get hot and heavy.  Zim is convinced this is the start of something, but Suji leaves his life just as quickly as she came in… or so she thought.  Soon, another chance meeting will give Zim the chance to create a lasting memory for his family while also trying to win Suji's trust, and also her heart.

This audio is a delicious mix of heartwarming, romantic and sexy romance with a sports theme that will make readers laugh and maybe even tear up a bit.  Although a short audio (only 4 ½ hours),  Xio Axelrod does not leave the listener feeling that the story is rushed or truncated.  The plot has plenty of meat and the character development gives the listener a very vivid picture of just who Zim and Suji are, as well as a host of secondary characters that are just as memorable as the main ones.

The audio quality is perfection and the narrators, Megan Tusing and Greg Tremblay, are virtually perfect. Not only does Greg provide well-played accents, but his voice is the perfect age and tone for main character, Zim.  Megan Tusing is able to pull off a variety of very different personalities in Suji’s friends, while also differentiating male and female characters in a very pleasing way. 

Misty Walker