His Little Lanie (Fairy Tales in a Small Town Book 2)


Lanie Lange is pretty much invisible to the residents of Happily and contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t mind it much. Well, with the exception of Ericksen Sanders, the boy she has had a crush on since high school. He is everything Lanie has ever wanted, and she's known it since before the night she saved his life. The only problem is Ericksen doesn’t know she was his savior. No one in town does, and in fact, they all believe that Tish, Ericksen's high school fling, is the true hero. Now Ericksen is back, divorced and drawn to Lanie by a feeling he can't explain. However, as in any good fairytale there is a nasty witch (or in this case, a conniving businesswoman) to stir up trouble.

This fairy tale retelling has everything a reader could wish for: an independent heroine, a hot prince charming and a wicked businesswoman. Oh, and a lot more than a little spice between the sheets, as well. The challenges are not in the story concept itself but in the relationship development and the masculine POV,  particularly in such a short read. In this novella, the jumpy romantic development between the main characters left the reader feeling like Lanie and Ericksen’s relationship was not fully formed. It is obvious to the reader they are soulmates but from there the  relationship never developed. In addition, Ericksen’s portrayal in the text was not consistent, causing his character to fall flat. Still, this simple and unique retelling, with some pretty sexy stuff, will leave readers wishing they lived in Happily.

Jacey Lee