Outfoxed: A Zodiac Shifter Book (Sassafras Shifter Book 2)


Silver hasn’t exactly had the cleanest past. He knows it is true and admits it, but now things are different. After years of working as a thief, Silver has finally cleaned up his act and found a “pack” he can call his own, in the form of a shifter indie-rock band. Things are going well until  his “god” appears with a request he cannot refuse: steal an ancient artifact from the Russian Mafia. Easy right?

Well, it would have been, except that when he arrives to steal the target, another thief is a few steps ahead of him. More importantly, she’s having an effect on him he has never felt before, as if he cannot help but be drawn to her. The more she draws him in, the more he comes to realize that Hannah Kelly is fighting her own battle against the Russian Mafia and a crazy ex-boyfriend — but he won’t let her stand alone.

This paranormal romance will leave the reader drooling for more and marveling at the author’s ability to portray compatible relationships, even with the heavy soulmate trope present in the novel. The author brings Silver and Hannah to life through well-thought-out dialogue and distinct behaviors. There is no question this author knows her characters well, and she makes sure her readers do too.  At times, however, what seems to be the author’s attempt to use “advanced” vocabulary to make up for otherwise lacking descriptions is frustrating. Still, all in all, this novel is a bite worth taking.

Jacey Lee