Redemption (Eternal Watch #1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL/MYSTERY:  Sofia doesn’t exactly live a glamorous life. She works as the research assistant for her old history professor, who never gives her proper credit. Her parents and grandparents have passed away, leaving her alone in the world but for her elder sister, with whom she has a loving but distant relationship. The most exciting thing to happen to her is  the figures that appear in her dreams, covered in golden light and always calling out to her.

Needless to say, there aren’t many things she looks forward to in her life, except Stephanous — an accidental discovery that becomes a slight obsession. But then Sofia stumbles into a stranger whose face is too familiar to be a coincidence and the figures from her dreams begin to appear in real life, clamoring for her to “find the man with the lost soul”, just as a woman with black eyes and pallid skin begins to stalk her. Soon Sofia finds herself stuck between what was, what is, and what could be.

When writing historically-inclined novels, nothing beats well-done research, a supernatural flair and page-turning plot twists--all of which are present in “Redemption.” The author holds the reader in suspense until the last page and ends the story with the perfect setting for a sequel. Though many readers may enjoy this novel’s slow, suspenseful build-up, those inclined to fast-paced action may have a harder time getting through it. Occasionally, the reader noticed unnecessary or overly done descriptions but more often than not, the author let her amazing story speak for itself.

Jacey Lee