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Sara Barefield
Marian D.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Sara Barefield has overcome a hard-scrabble beginning and is enjoying a settled, comfortable life with a good job, a nice home and her boyfriend Tully. Sarah's life takes an unexpected turn when Tully's severe PTSD causes him to commit suicide. Having recently discovered that she is pregnant, a heartbroken Sara makes the difficult decision to leave her Appalachian home town.

House of Secrets

Madeline Frost has had enough. For months she's endured her boyfriend's emotional and verbal abuse.

Good Things: An Urban Fantasy Anthology
A. Star, Angela B. Chrysler, J. Kim McLean, Dariel Raye, Mia Daren,
Abigail Owen, Crystal G. Smith, Kat Jameson, Christi Rigby, Jessica Nicholls

Ten tales from the fantasy realm form this collection of stories with the common cause of donating the proceeds to the Random Acts Organization. Each story reminds the reader that acts of kindness, whether random or intentional, are within all of humanity’s capacity. “Alpha Ascension” gives us werewolves. “For You” brings death into play.

A Woman So Bold

MAGICAL REALISM:  Landra Elizabeth Andrews has become trapped in her life due to a dark secret that haunts her. Her mother died when she was young and her father soon remarried.

Lord Graelem Dayne, Baron Moray, is in search of a wife. He has a ridiculously short frame of time in which to secure said wife so that he may receive his full inheritance.