Blackburn Castle (Tortured Souls Book 2)

R. C.

Victor Blackburn has until midnight on his twenty-seventh birthday to break a family curse or suffer his own demise. A witch named Mercy Seymour is the only one who can break the curse, and Victor has been searching for her for over ten years. Mercy has been waiting for this moment for the last ten years — Blackburn murdered her mother and she wants to see him suffer. A chance encounter leads them on a daunting chase for the truth and their lives. Will Victor and Mercy be able to bury their mutual disdain and work together to uncover the truth and maybe even their love for each other?

“Blackburn Castle” should not be read as a standalone book. As the second in the Tortured Soul series, readers will be confused if they haven't read the first book. .  An extremely sensual gothic romance, author R.C. Matthews has created an interesting story, but readers may find themselves lost in places. Ms. Matthew’s main characters are vibrant, well thought-out, and exciting. Unfortunately, her secondary characters tend to fall through the cracks and readers may find them cumbersome. There are words, phrases, and descriptions of people and/or objects that do not match the period. Readers that enjoy the gothic, the paranormal, and/or mystery genres might find a little something in “Blackburn Castle” to whet their appetites.

Mary-Nancy Smith