The Rogue’s Bride (Dry Bayou Brides Book 4)


Aimee Prentice comes to the bustling town of Dry Bayou with a heart full of hope and stomach full of butterflies.  A mail-order bride, she has never met Gaston Mosier, her husband to be. From the moment they meet on the train platform, emotions stir in both Aimee and the wickedly handsome Gaston that they have never known before.   Aimee will quickly learn that Gaston has a hard exterior formed by well-kept secrets from his past, and he doesn’t seem likely to open up.  Gaston was very specific with the agency when he ordered a bride who was simple and quietly compliant, but from the very first meeting he realizes Aimee is anything but!  The two are a seemingly unlikely pair.  As Gaston and Aimee fall in love, they will both stubbornly hold their fears close, terrified that if the other discovers their secrets, they will surely back out of the marriage contract.  

With the external conflict slowly building, and entwined with the sweet and seductively building romance, readers will be quick to turn each page, hungry to find out what is going to happen next.  Well-rounded, distinct, and fun characters drive this story, set in the wonderful setting of Dry Bayou.  More than a handful of times the story repeats plot or world-building information unnecessarily, which becomes a little cumbersome.  This aside, the fourth book in the series is a lovely stand-alone novella, making the reader want to read all the books in the series to learn more about the characters in Dry Bayou!   

MB Rose