Misled: Death Dwellers MC, Book 1

Kathryn Kelly
Samuel Valor

NEW ADULT:  In order to escape an abusive life with her mother and step father, Meggie makes a run for it.  The only place she believes is safe is with her father, president of the Death Dwellers MC. She is sorely mistaken though, because when she arrives her father is nowhere to be seen and Outlaw, the new President of the club, is not quick to help.  As they slowly warm to each other, the match starts a flame and soon Outlaw and Meggie are a full-on inferno.  Secrets come to light that threaten to tear this fledging couple apart — will their fire be extinguished?

“Misled” is full of details that make up a good MC book — sex, violence and cursing.  Whether it’s a description of smells or the attitude of the bikers, Kathryn Kelly paints a very vivid picture of the Death Dwellers' world.  With Outlaw being so stone cold, Meggie being so resilient and how incredibly hot they are when they come together, the listener will easily become sucked in wanting to know what will happen after the impossibly difficult secrets come out.

While Samuel Valor does have the deep voice that is perfect for the president of a MC, he seems to have difficulty portraying different characters, male and female.  Samuel does act the scenes, rather than story-tell, but it lacks authenticity.  It doesn’t help that the sound quality is echoed and slightly muffled, not the clean sound a listener would expect.  All that said, one can tell he really puts his heart into the performance.

Misty Walker