Little Gray Dress


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Emi Harrison is your average everyday gal, engaged to Jack Cabot — a modern Prince Charming in every way.  Her life could not be more perfect — until she catches Jack cheating on her, and is devastated. After two years of trying to heal, she will now have to face the truth.  Does her heart still belong to Jack, or  can she really move on?

This is a delightful comedy of errors blended with  a modern fairy-tale chick-lit tale. Emi is a protagonist most female readers can relate to and stand behind — from her career woes to her battle of the bulge.  Nothing seems to go quite the way she plans, but her heart of gold and strong spirit allows her to prevail. 

The only off-putting aspect of this story was the frequency at which characters were getting overly drunk and vomiting in obscure places.  It is likely meant to be comedic, and if the reader finds that sort of situation humorous is not a detriment. With a surprise ending to warm the heart, "Little Gray Dress" will make instant fans of readers who will be anticipating more work from Ms. Brown! Her debut novel is a completely cozy book they will want to curl up with for a nice relaxing weekend read.  

MB Rose