Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Bad Press
Evie Hartley is bored. Her small-town journalism job is going nowhere until she jumps at a chance to cover the crime beat. Evie starts poking around in hopes of quickly proving herself and getting in good with the local detectives. When that doesn’t quite work as planned, Evie attempts to wear down her best chance at a connection with the cops.
Mercy West is a legend in “The Underground” secret society who aids women and children in fleeing when their lives are in danger and they need new identities and to start over in new places to keep them alive. Now Mercy finds herself in the place of many she has helped over the past two decades.

Trudy Beasley is the assistant chief medical examiner who was just thrown a bag of burnt bones discovered under a Philadelphia home after a recent explosion. As a medical examiner, she is used to examining whole bodies, but the limited remains she is provided causes her to call in backup.

Cushioned between the fulfilling feeling of a great vacation and the gaining of a new lead to solving one of the puzzles from her daunting past, Miriam Becker is in one of her best elements. The arrival of a fellow operative with whom they had shared childhood roots cuts short her refreshing moments.

Needing a new start, Dobson Ramirez has a new job at the Dunes Bay Police Department as a detective after working in Chicago. She is tasked with taking down the Esposito crime family, and previous experience means that she will not let her personal life interfere with her work life ever again. What she doesn’t expect is to run into an infuriatingly sexy EMT who pushes her buttons.