The Device Hunter


HISTORICAL: Draumaborgin – The City of Dreams illustrates the sad irony of its transformation to a bleak, gritty, barely operating city enduring the power struggles and legacy curse of their own doing. Thomas Meade, hunter, assassin... does his job as a human weapon when dispatched by the Patent Master to eliminate inventors who file patents to destabilize the pitiful urban order, and this latest device is so powerful that bodies are piling up. The plot mushrooms into an evolving story of a city with a foundation of grimness covered with foul air, populated with low-class bars that reek of urine and alcohol, and the horrific stench of unwashed bodies fighting to exist. Will Meade be able to find the creator of the device and figure out who’s killing people before it’s too late?

“The Device Hunter” is an expertly crafted tale that operates like a game of Gin Rummy. Ms. Dodge deals an initial hand, and readers continue to select cards from each chapter while racing to the end. Readers will despise this mercenary, though he is an interesting character. No one possesses a heart of flint like Meade, until one realizes that it is his armor for survival, causing reader’s to realize their compassion for him. Fans of speculative, dystopian fiction will appreciate the vivid world-building and expressive dialogue that opens all the senses. The short, rapid-fire chapters are perfectly balanced to allow the reader to digest the dregs before delving into each subsequent stage. This compelling story will demand the reader continue to the unexpected, yet perfect, conclusion. A distinctively creative story!

Simone Dober