Hidden Comrade (Project Morpheus Book 2)

Jillian David

Reagan McNeill is as far from a damsel in distress as they come, which Pele Tuitama finds out the hard way when he has to go undercover at a children’s camp in order to protect her. Even his enhanced abilities won’t stand him in much stead when Reagan sets her mind to something. But the woman drives him insane and when she’s near, he can’t seem to think straight. Someone is determined to get their revenge and will stop at nothing to get to the McNeill family, which includes Reagan. Will Pele be able to get his mind on the mission and protect the woman he has growing feelings for? Or is it doomed to end in death and ultimate destruction? 

Jillian David has added another installment to the Morpheus series, and it doesn’t disappoint! Readers who haven’t read the first book will be going back to read it once they’ve sunk their teeth into this one. The premise is unique and the descriptions really make the story come alive and play like a movie in the mind. The heat between Pele and Reagan is searing, and the suspense is edge of the seat stuff. “Hidden Comrade” ticks all the boxes for a military suspense romance, and it’ll be amazing to see where the series goes from here. Definitely a hit with this one, and most certainly should be added to the TBR list this spring. Be warned, it’ll be difficult not to finish it in one sitting and there may be a late night involved. Exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining the entire way through!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick