PARANORMAL: When Mrs. Gabriella “Gabby” Williams wakes up from a coma caused by a horrific car crash, everyone is shocked by her near death experience, including herself. A doctor teaches her to talk through melodic intonation therapy, and Gabby learns through creating brain synapses instantaneously. As Gabby is progressing with all of her therapies, she discovers she can also hear people’s thoughts. Gabby, at first, is scared of the knowledge but figures she can also use it to help others. As Gabby gets better, she discovers the truth about the accident: that her husband might have caused it. Unfortunately, he is also fatally wounded right before her eyes. Gabby and her roommate’s uncle, Jace Wright, attempt to solve his murder and prevent Gabby from being killed in the process too.

Ms. Erfert has written an astounding and addictive suspense tale that is just unputdownable! The originality of the story is heightened with great visuals, non-stop adventure, and enshrouded with mystery that makes it an engaging read! A masterfully written stunner! Just absolute perfection! Even though the story is fiction, the believability of it still seems plausible, and maybe there is some truth to it too. There are many diverse, breath-taking plot twists going on, yet the story moves effortlessly along. Gabby, an extraordinary heroine, discovers that she has a superhuman talent yet still manages to be relatable and likable. Despite Jace’s skepticism, he is a good counterpart for her too. All the minor characters are three-dimensional and just seem so real. This is one masterpiece that readers will just love and reread again and again!

Roslynn Ernst