Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Stolen Hearts
Andrea R.

Crystal and Ruby are twin sisters trying to find evidence against Joshua Westridge, the man who had their parents killed. From a young age they are trained by their uncles to be thieves - the only way to get the much needed evidence. Paul and Kade are detectives on the Westridge case.


Gracie Desoto had only her business on her mind.  During a visit to her former place of employment, a nursery, Gracie saves their newest employee, Ethan McCarthy.  Their sheer dislike for each other is obvious to all.  However, repeated exposure to one another spurs numerous thorny encount

Choosing Carter

After a car crash resulted in the imprisonment of her brother Robbie, Bryn McKay has spent the last year living in relative quiet, trying to come to terms with her guilt over being unable to save Robbie from himself.

Crescent Moon

When Assistant District Attorney Claressa Dupré  tagged along wi

The Squandered

Bruno Johnson’s stellar career in law enforcement ended abruptly one night when he stepped over the line.  He is now making a life for himself and his girlfriend caring for “rescued” kids in Costa Rica.  Just as life seems happy again, however, Bruno is given a letter from his estranged and incarce