The Squandered


Bruno Johnson’s stellar career in law enforcement ended abruptly one night when he stepped over the line.  He is now making a life for himself and his girlfriend caring for “rescued” kids in Costa Rica.  Just as life seems happy again, however, Bruno is given a letter from his estranged and incarcerated brother, Noble, who begs for his help.  Returning to the U.S. as a fugitive to rescue a niece and nephew he never knew is the last thing Bruno wants, but he knows he can’t deny his family. From the moment Bruno and Marie touch down on U.S. soil nothing goes as planned, and few things are as they seem.  Now, the problem may not be getting the children but staying alive.


For anyone who loves a great police suspense story that grabs the reader and immerses them in the world of crime and punishment, this is the book to read! Written in first person through the eyes of Bruno, the voice of the story is pitch-perfect in authenticity.  A few of the situations do stretch believability too far and stand out starkly because of the high quality of writing otherwise. And, although it is a standalone book, there is an obvious amount of back story from a previous book that a first-time reader might find frustrating.  Even so, it’s a concise, riveting tale that most will find very hard to put down!


Ruth Lynn Ritter