Gracie Desoto had only her business on her mind.  During a visit to her former place of employment, a nursery, Gracie saves their newest employee, Ethan McCarthy.  Their sheer dislike for each other is obvious to all.  However, repeated exposure to one another spurs numerous thorny encounters until their paths cross at a party where sparks fly and their chemistry ignites a steamy weekend.  

Ethan McCarty was hired as the nursery’s second in command, but it is clear that gardening isn’t his forte.  A string of accidents and mysteries surrounding the hot houses has everyone looking in Ethan’s direction, but Gracie is determined to help uncover the truth.  Can they survive the drama or will their romance wither and die?

This is a racy whodunit that will have readers rooting for Gracie and Ethan all the way, riveting the reader’s attention from the opening pages. The style is straight forward and keeps readers moving along despite a few typographical errors that could be corrected with light editing.  Readers may find Gracie’s take-charge, can-do lead a bit of a paradox.  While starting her own business that appears to be thriving, she’s also suffering emotionally from her failed marriage, but is determined to clear Ethan’s name.  Ethan McCarthy is hunky but his cloaked history and character development may leave readers frustrated with his role.  Secondary supporting characters are mystifying as well.  While needed for the plot lines to be woven, greater detail to this eccentric group would further feed readers curiosity regarding their history with Gracie.  A well-developed mystery plot that will keep readers guessing until the end.

Robert Gordon