Choosing Carter


After a car crash resulted in the imprisonment of her brother Robbie, Bryn McKay has spent the last year living in relative quiet, trying to come to terms with her guilt over being unable to save Robbie from himself. The last thing she expects is an FBI agent on her doorstep. She’s shocked to learn that her brother has converted to Islam and escaped from prison with a known jihadist. Instead of the rafting trip she was planning to kindle a romance with her best friend Carter, they are kidnapped by the terrorists. Bryn must then fight for her life and the lives of those she loves.

“Choosing Carter” has an explosive opening that truly sets the pace for this breathtaking romantic suspense! Intricately plotted, Ms. Petterson brings the drama with a cinematic adventure that weaves intrigue, peril and passion in the spectacular Colorado Mountains. Although the romance is secondary to the main plotline, it is sweet and flows organically. Readers will feel an emotional connection to Bryn and Carter, two well-crafted and believable characters. Bryn has been her brother's savior many times. The choices she is forced to make will resonate with the reader long after the story is finished. The slow buildup of tension and the many twists and turns will have one racing through the pages to find out their fate! If the reader is searching for an unputdownable read that will keep one up at night, look no further!

Chantel Hardge