Crescent Moon


When Assistant District Attorney Claressa Dupré  tagged along with her detective boyfriend to a crime scene, she never thought she would be witnessing the brutal murder of New Orleans debutante and philanthropist, Celine St. Pierre. Texas oil tycoon Weston Morgan came to town with one goal in mind: pay any price for what had been stolen from his family. He hadn’t planned on being the sole suspect in Celine’s murder! When Claressa is assigned to prosecute the handsome Weston, she soon discovers that this investigation holds as many dark and deadly secrets as the city she resides in. As Weston continues to profess his innocence, and more clues are unearthed, she’ll find herself questioning everything she’s ever known - including upholding the law she’s sworn to protect. 


Many will love this suspenseful novel that guides a reader down multiple twists and turns. Although multiple layers aide in maintaining a reader’s intrigue, some may find themselves becoming confused and distracted with multiple character transitions, while others may find maintaining an open mind necessary due to a lack of probability and realism. Readers may question the legitimacy of an Assistant District Attorney who is led by a murder suspect to conduct a DNA paternity test on a homicide victim, contempt of court, as well as breaking and entering. However, readers are granted relatable qualities in the heroine, and their “happily ever after” in the end. Those looking for a new “who did it” novel will be left guessing until the very end! 


Stephanie Lodes