Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

A successful surgeon, Zoey Morgan hides her fear caused by a traumatic incident when she was a teenager. She only trusts one person, and she reaches out to him. Zoey has managed to battle her feelings but the second she sees him, they all come flooding back. Ex-Marine Grayson “Gray” Walker can't believe it when his old flame Zoey Morgan asks for his help.

Grayson Matthews is a dedicated undercover agent who has better things to do than babysit a senator’s daughter.  When he is assigned to protect Claire Parker from a potential kidnapping, he finds that she is far from the spoiled rich girl that he expected. Claire doesn’t understand why Grayson is so hostile until she gets to know the man underneath the tough exterior.

Piper Cooke is working for the Dixon City Police Department as a sketch artist when Detective Chris Harrison calls for her help interviewing Beth McDonald who has escaped an abduction by the Dixon Demon.  Beth is in shock, unwilling, or possibly unable, to speak with the detectives about what happened.  Piper helps Beth locate the Dixon Demon through a surprising and unconventional method.  Pip

Ostrich Mentality

The Cold War is far from over at the end of 1990. Despite deteriorating, the USSR continues to produce dangerous weapons. Galatea is a dedicated Mossad assassin with single minded devotion to her country. When twenty tons of weaponized Smallpox goes missing, Galatea is forced to question her loyalty and which side she wants to live in on.

Grant “Twisted” Sisti is a Navy Seal and a psychologist who is struggling with his own post -traumatic stress disorder after the violent death of one of his teammates. He is unprepared for the attraction he feels for the mysterious hotel maid he finds skinny-dipping in his pool one fateful night.