Scattered Legacy: Murder in Southern Italy (Annalisse Series, Book 3)

Marlene M.

Alec and Annalisse are working on their relationship and it all seems to be going well. Alec wants to show Annalisse his mother’s birthplace in Bari, Italy. The trip will double up as a business trip, so everything appears to be in place. However, when they arrive, Alec finds himself up to his neck in trouble that could ruin the legacy his father left. Unexpected links to embezzlement, the mafia, and other connections could ruin his business. As they work with friend, Detective Bill Drake, it is a race against time to get to the truth and clear the name of Alec’s father before everything they’ve worked hard for is ruined.

This is a great read with a lot of mystery, intrigue and characters. Marlene M. Bell writes great description that jumps off the page and holds the reader in a tight grip until the last page. Annalisse and Alec work well together. It would be a good idea to go back to the first book in the series and read from the beginning to get a sense of their relationship. But fans of a good suspense and mystery will enjoy this book. There is a lot of good dialogue and the plot moves at a brisk pace making “Scattered Legacy” a page turner. For those in the post-holiday slump, this book will lift the spirits of readers and bring them a lot of enjoyment for a few hours. Don’t let this one pass by, download it and go on an exciting journey.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick