Fall to Pieces


Another young boy is found dead in the streets of Philadelphia with no evidence left behind. The homicide unit is left to tackle the mystery, but working with the death of young children is never easy. Alexandra Danvers, a homicide detective, knows who the perpetrator is, but with Internal Affairs against her after the passing of her husband, she will risk her career to put Arthur Book behind bars. Police corruption specialist, Detective Alexander Knight, is brought in with the sole purpose of investigating Detective Danvers; however, when he learns about her personal investigation into Arthur Book, he risks his own career by joining forces to bring the child predator to justice.

“Fall to Pieces” isn’t for the faint of heart, as it brings to light one of society’s most disturbing crimes. Yet, Becky Flade pulled it off beautifully. Every line will make the reader feel as if they are standing side-by-side with Detective Danvers and Detective Knight as they dive into their investigation and forego sleep. There is magnificent character development as we watch Detective Danvers struggle with her mental health and allow herself to have a support system to fall back on. Even the romance was beautifully written, raw, and realistic. Readers see Danvers and Knight at their most vulnerable, struggling to accept attention from each other. “Fall to Pieces” is gut-wrenching and may bring readers to tears, and feel disgust as they learn how evil and depraved other people can be, but this tale can also bring out laughter and joy as readers feel their story unfold. This emotionally-laden tale is worth the tears and heartache. Unputdownable!

Sadie Wilson