Mine: A Deadly Sins Novel


Justin Grey did not expect to wake up in a Las Vegas hotel room with no memory of what happened the previous night. It’s worse than he could have come up with. The woman next to him is now his wife, and he has absolutely no recollection of how they met or what could have possessed him to marry her. The woman refuses to give him an annulment, and what started out as a crazy weekend becomes a fight for his life, one that Justin didn’t expect and isn’t sure how to get out of. But what he does know is that the mysterious blonde is now his wife, and it’s for better AND worse with till death do them part - perhaps happening a little sooner rather than later.

From the first page, “Mine” has a very interesting concept, and the suspense takes the reader on an exciting path. Justin wakes up with a lot more than a hangover and it seems his crazy weekend is just where the trouble begins. As the story progresses, there are a lot of twists that inevitably come to an exciting finale. Rachael Tamayo has a knack for writing great suspense with fascinating situations. The characterization is what makes this book a great read. There are some points that could have done with more depth, but ultimately it doesn’t take away from the book as a whole. If this is the first book being read in the series, readers will find themselves going back to read the others!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick