A Final Call

Eliot Parker

Stacy Tavitt, a Cleveland local and homicide detective is on another case. She receives a request to chat with a woman from college, who is seeking help for her son. A young mother has been killed, and tracking down suspects becomes an overlay of connections. The path goes a bit cold until all the crosshairs line up and there are more deaths. Stacy is also trying to find her missing brother, Chance, who was last seen with a dirty cop, now in custody. Her health is a constant issue since her last homicide case and she was left to drown. Now with new information about her brother, and with her mother being in town adding to the pressure, she needs to solve these murders before she is the one going down. 

Mr. Parker has a lively, suspenseful murder mystery in “A Final Call”. This is the second installment of Stacy Tavitt and her crime solving talents. This book stands alone, however readers would glean more by reading the first book. As the heroine, she gets tested mentally and physically throughout this book. The supporting characters add depth and drama. The subplots continually add to the suspense and storyline. There are great peaks and valleys to this story filled with action, however, the lack of editing may slow readers down. There is also a pretty abrupt ending, leaving some loose ends which readers may not appreciate. Overall though, this is a creative tale and much research by the author creates a great setting and a lot of police work explained in detail. 

Viola Robbins