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Christmas Kisses: An Echo Ridge Christmas Anthology
Lucy McConnell, Cami Cheketts,
Heather Tullis, Rachael Christensen, Connie E. Sokol

The Echo Ridge Anthology is a compilation of short stories involving the men and women living in Echo Ridge.

When Kalliope Winters is abducted and beaten by a crazed stalker, she has no idea that her best friend, FBI Special Agent Colton Brady, was killed trying to protect her.

PARANORMAL:  Snow, a wererabbit, has just saved Josh, a werewolf, from humans who have successfully arrested his ability to shift.

Beyond All Recognition

LEGAL THRILLER/MILITARY:  Ryan Bennington has been reactivated by the Army just so he can be court-martialed for events during the Iraq War nine years earlier.

On The Rebound

Greg was on his way up in the collegiate coaching world, until every coach and admin around him fixed athletes’ grades, got found out, and everyone got fired, including him. After a few years with no job, his only prospect is as an assistant position at a small school—for the girls’ basketball team. Ciara is in charge of the academic success of the athletes.