The Mountain King (Dragon, Stone & Steam #1)


Kailigh successfully raised three daughters in the wilds. Protecting them is proving to be a bit more difficult, especially now  they have reached courting age. Steering clear of a renegade with rich investors, seeking to take her youngest? Damn near impossible, and not over her dead body! Alas, when her youngest daughter is shot and the only aid lies with the Dragon Lord, she must ask for assistance, no matter the strings that are bound to be attached. 

King of Coal and Mountain, Lord Maddugh, sees a glimmer of hope for the survival of his pure dragon lineage when the brusque woman arrives at his enclave. Four non-human beauties needing protection, sharing the rare bloodline… a boon that must not be ignored! 

A notably unique foray into the Steampunk Fantasy genre, Emma Alisyn has brought dragon-shifters into their own realm. "The Mountain King" is a fast-paced chronicle of characters that charismatically jump from the pages, yet the reader is left desiring a bit more. While Kailigh and Lord Maddugh receive the royal treatment, other characters lack  development. The story blooms to life, cresting and falling delightfully, leaving a magical trail to be followed in the next installment in the series, currently available for readers. Yay! As the opening act in the “Dragon, Stone & Steam” saga, this tome clearly delivers!

Penelope Anne Bartotto