The Druid’s Portal: The First Journey (Druid's Portal #1)


TIME TRAVEL:  Meet Janet Tempest: lover of history, wounded by love. A flurry of thefts in the museum where Janet works sends investigators on an unbelievable journey. While chasing a bizarre thief who has broken into the museum a portal appears, sweeping the man away. Left staggering and confused, Janet holds the stolen item in her hand – a golden pendant. While in possession of the ancient amulet, she experiences visions that draw her to a man from the past of her favorite area – the Hadrian Wall. One fateful night, present meets past, and Janet finds herself straddling Trajan Aurelius, the man from her visions. Together they will hunt the Stealer of Souls, and discover their personal destinies. 

A most intriguing blend of history and time travel, “Druid’s Portal” draws the reader into the dimensions of time. Cindy Tomamichel alludes to the risks associated with time travel, which deserves appreciation, as this  genre often romanticizes the journey and avoids the paradoxes. Janet, Trajan, and the Stealer of Souls are dynamic characters that leap from the book into the memory. The tale is a solid mystery with nice twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing. While odd word choices, at times, leave reader’s scratching their heads quizzically, the novel is a read to remember. The first journey is so climactic, the second journey should prove equally intriguing. Don’t worry – the author is eagerly working on the next installment! 

Penelope Anne Bartotto