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Seven Wings to Glory
Kathleen M.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Johnnie Kitchen is living the quintessential American dream. She has a wonderful husband, a chocolate Labrador Brother Dog, and three kids that are almost grown with independent lives of their own. She and her family live in the small town of Portion in North Texas. When Johnnie’s youngest son Cade is sent to Afghanistan Johnnie has a difficult time adjusting.

The Taking of Ireland

HISTORICAL:  Prince Sibrán of Galicia is sailing to Inisfail in order to avenge his uncle’s murder. He expects to encounter an army of resistance but is surprised when a beautiful woman, Aislinn, is sent to welcome the warriors instead. Aislinn is an enigma to Sibrán and possesses powers that are not human.

Sammy Egret’s brother Walter is found dead after he leaves a cryptic message about their missing father’s pocket watch.

Don’t Wake Me Up

PARANORMAL:  On the outside Colleen is your typical high schooler, but on the inside she possesses a unique ability: she can astro-project to the spirit world.  As she struggles to deal with her f

Kayden is a single mom struggling to raise her daughter, help her father run the family bar, and work on her clothing design dreams on the side.  To make matters worse, she is also dealing with a dangerous biker gang harassing her family.  When JT and his family come to town, it’s the shock of her life that JT isn’t like any other man she’s met, and he quickly captures her heart.  Likewise, JT