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Don’t Wake Me Up

PARANORMAL:  On the outside Colleen is your typical high schooler, but on the inside she possesses a unique ability: she can astro-project to the spirit world.  As she struggles to deal with her f

Kayden is a single mom struggling to raise her daughter, help her father run the family bar, and work on her clothing design dreams on the side.  To make matters worse, she is also dealing with a dangerous biker gang harassing her family.  When JT and his family come to town, it’s the shock of her life that JT isn’t like any other man she’s met, and he quickly captures her heart.  Likewise, JT

Cash Valley
Mr. Ryan K.

Agent Travis of the FBI is green and looking to prove himself. When he gets an anonymous tip about the long-standing cold case for the Cache County Bank robbery, he can’t resist checking it out, despite the potential dangers it poses.

A Country Christmas (Timeless Regency Collection Book 5)
Josi Kilpack, Carla Kelly,
Jennifer Moore

This collection of Christmas regency romances will put any reader in the Christmas spirit! They each have the common setting in the country with both nobles and servants, but all of them are ordinary people who just want to find love. “Saints and Sinners”, by Josi Kilpack, introduces childhood friends Neville and Eloise.

REGENCY:  Brette Culpepper is a born matchmaker - or so she thinks.