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Miles Notley, middle son of the Duke of Winslow, is banished from his home at the tender age of ten for a crime he didn’t commit. Having graduated Turner Academy and served as a Captain in the military, Miles is now on his way home, as the new Duke, following his father and brother’s demise. Emery Jensen is the daughter of Wildwood Estates’ failing caretaker.

Taylor Ranford is a cheerleading coach, bent on helping her team win a national title. She’s also looking forward celebrating her birthday on a cruise with her sister. Hockey player Kingston Brewer has hit a snag in his otherwise impressive career. Needing a break from worrying about his future, when his good friend, Chelsea Ranford, asks him to take her place on a cruise, he eagerly accepts.

Engaged couple Molly Hendrickson and Lucian Lord are looking forward to a peaceful holiday. Lucian is a reincarnated lord from the middle ages with magical abilities. He’s also a member of The Experts, a group devoted to protecting the world from evil magic. Molly is learning to develop her own abilities, with Lucian’s help.

SCI-FI: It has been four years since Lilian faced the choice death or servitude. Once a promising warrior from the best of families, Lilian has had to endure disgrace and extreme physical mistreatment, along with humiliating prejudice and condemnation over those years, but, she never gave up.

Lady Jane Marsden is the belle of the ton, but she wants to marry for love. Respectful of her duty as the Earl of Worcester’s daughter, she refuses to marry for less, even though her father would have her marry a Duke. Broken-hearted twice already, she’s determined to find her true love no matter the cost. The third time must be the charm!