Discouraging the Duke (Dukes Done Wrong Book 1)


Miles Notley, middle son of the Duke of Winslow, is banished from his home at the tender age of ten for a crime he didn’t commit. Having graduated Turner Academy and served as a Captain in the military, Miles is now on his way home, as the new Duke, following his father and brother’s demise. Emery Jensen is the daughter of Wildwood Estates’ failing caretaker. Can these two social opposites fight their attraction and accept what is expected of the new Duke? Or will Miles’ quest to make Emery his Duchess come to pass?

Discouraging the Duke has an outstanding beginning, very emotional, and it draws one into the story immediately. Miles’ sadness at the fate of his younger brother is heart wrenching. Combined with the callous disregard of his father and older brother in sending him away, the reader is immediately engaged. Unfortunately, once Miles returns to assume his responsibilities as Duke, the story takes a downward turn into mundane. Despite his years of schooling and military training, Miles is ill prepared to oversee the estate and its tenants. Enter Emery, who helps the new Duke assume his role, while protecting the secret of her father’s failing health. Is it any wonder he falls for her despite her insistence that she’s not an acceptable match? The story goes through the usual motions of a Regency era romance but never really lives up to the promise of the beginning. Still, if one likes Recency era romances, readers will find plenty to enjoy here.

N.E. Kelley